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Aaditya Ceramics Inc. (CANADA) is the sales office of Aaditya Ceramics Pvt. Ltd in Canada. Aaditya Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. came to an existence due to its parent company ‘Sai Ceramic Engineers Pvt. Ltd. which is basically into marketing & constructing field since last 35 years, serving Indian Industries. Our parent company takes turnkey base jobs for construction of boilers, modification of furnace and lining work. They have been doing since decades in various provinces in India and Nepal. We are thankful to Mr. A.P. Shah, who is a founder of this organization has given birth to this company “Aaditya Ceramics Pvt. Ltd.” He has done this backward integration in manufacturing of refractories, which has given him integrity. On behalf of our family member, board of directors and the entire team we thankful to him for giving us humble recourse to Indian Industry. Our manufacturing company is ISO 9001:2000 and is located in state of Gujarat, India. We manufacture Refractory Material, High Alumina Bricks, Castable Refractories, Special Shape Brick, Fire Clay, Fire Cement (Heat Resistant Cement). Our product often is available in low to super duty range for bricks, with different temperature tolerances for other products as well. Shapes such as arches, wedges and keys are also available if needed. We offer consistent quality product to customer requirement. We supply our material to all ‘OEM’ manufacturers - steel plants, sugar plant, fertilizer plant, cement plant, power generation, forging plant etc.

Aaditya Ceramics Inc.

Address: 83 Euclid Ave. Toronto-ON, M1C 1J8 Postal Code: M3A1X8 Website: http://www.aadityaceramics.com

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